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Internet Safety Quiz

social media questions
  1. Have you done a Google search for your name or your child’s?  What shows up?
  2. When you post photos of you or your children online, are you in control of who sees the photo?
  3. Are your kids sharing photos with strangers online?
  4. What applications on your phone shares your location?
  5. Could someone follow your habits through social media to stalk you?
  6. Could someone following you online figure out when you are home or not?
  7. Where are your children being exposed to sexual predators online?

Discovering your answers to this short internet safety quiz above may be an unpleasant shock to you.  For safety’s sake, it is better to know what information about you is “out there” in the internet than not.   Once you see what can be found, you and your family may change how you share information online – and that’s a good idea.  Stay “connected” to your kids this summer, talk (and listen) to them about Internet Awareness.  We at NY Finest Speakers are looking to build internet safety awareness for both parents and students.

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