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Internet Awareness for Students

Website 10This Presentation is geared toward High School and Middle School Students who frequent Social Networking sites and apps Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

We provide a clear “streetwise” understanding of the potential threats encountered online including:


Our goal is to get young people to want to protect themselves online, sometimes from strangers, sometimes from friends and sometimes from themselves.

We believe if kids understand that mean posts hurt people they will realize there are real repercussions and sometimes dangerous consequences to posting to much personal information or incriminating  pictures, videos or statements regardless of the site or application.

Internet Awareness for Parents

522290-cyber-bullyingThis Presentation is geared toward the parents or guardians of young people who utilize social networking sites or apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

We provides parents with an explicit understanding of what children and teens are doing every day online. How innocent behaviors  like “status updates” or “tagging pictures” can have long term impact.

We show parents how to:

  • Find your child online.
  • Find your child’s friends on the sites and apps.
  • Navigate Social Media.
  • Understand potential life threatening scenarios.
  • Understand “Social Networking”.
  • Talk (and listen) to your child about the internet and the dangers associated.
  • Ask questions.
  • Offer alternatives to blocking social networking sites.
  • Consistent follow up.


Drug Awareness 

drug awarenessThis Presentation is offered at the High School and College level for both students and parents. We take a hard look at drug use and abuse in America and examine the role of Law Enforcement within this culture.

We look at the epidemic of Overdose Deaths in the United States and give our audience  some background Information on America’s War on Drugs.

We explore what motivates teenagers and adults alike to experiment with drug use and what the risk factors are and attempt to identify the warnings signs and symptoms of substance abuse.

Our Team offers important information designed to influence the choices young people make toward Cigarettes, Alcohol, Marijuana, Pain Medications, Prescriptions Pills, Opioids, Heroin and Cocaine and we look at the reality of Addiction as a Disease. 


teen addiction

drug trafficking

Realtor Safety

Website9This Presentation is geared toward Real Estate Agents, their Managers, Brokers, Associations, Boards and Organizations. Our goal is to raise the awareness level of professionals who often find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

“Real Estate Agents make their living meeting with complete strangers in empty houses”.

Our presentation focuses on INSTINCT-POLICY-PLAN. Getting agents to trust their instincts (always). Developing office  policies for new clients, marketing (online and off), showings and open houses designed to keep them safe and lastly having a plan for foreseeable situations that includes both exit scenarios and exit strategies.

We provide our audience with real life situations and examples of how industry professionals have been victimized and how they can protect themselves.

Some of the latest Real Estate related Safety Apps are discussed as well as File Security, Identity Theft and related Cons and Scams.


realtor saftey