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Feedback From Students



“I went home, went on Facebook and made everything private, I’m very careful now, I understand what my Parents have been telling me! Thanks.”
-MS Student, Somers, NY

“It was very effective and made me re-think how my profile was laid-out and the second I got home, I changed all my settings to friends only and I carefully looked through my friends list and deleted/removed anyone I was not completely sure I knew. The assembly scared me and that made me act faster.”
-MS Student, Somers, NY

The presentation was very informative, our school has had other presentations on this topic but they were not as upfront with the facts as this one.” -MS Student, Westchester County, NY


“I felt that all of the stories were amazing & were told in an easy to understand fashion.” -8th Grade Student, NY

“This presentation brought up points about the Internet that I had not taken into consideration”
-H.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

“It made me very cautious of what I will do on the Internet from now on”
-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NJ

“I thought the presentation was excellent. It made me see a different view of online groups……The speaker was extremely knowledgeable about this topic”
-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

“It was more entertaining than other awareness assemblies we’ve had. It went on at a good fast pace which kept my attention, thanks!!
clients1-H.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

“It was a very informative presentation that gave good insight to what really goes on online”
-H.S. Student, NY

“This presentation explained it all, it was a good and impacting assembly”
-H.S. Student, NY

“I like the way the man related events that have happened to kids our age”
-M.S. Student, Westchester Cnty, NY

“I thought it was much better than other presentations we’ve had at our school…..start at younger ages, like middle school”
-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

“I would recommend that students and parents attend the presentation together, to open avenues of discussion about the Internet”clients2
-H.S. Student, Westchester, Cnty, NY

“This was a great presentation, I learned more about internet awareness, I changed my profiles as soon as I got home”
-H.S. Student, Pleasantville, NY

“I liked how he didn’t say we shouldn’t use the Internet, it felt like he actually trusted us with the Internet”
-H.S. Student, NY

“It was a wonderful presentation. It was very straightforward and right to the point, well done. Way to show how anyone can access a profile”
-H.S. Student, Teton County, Idaho

“After the presentation I heard a lot of students talking about fixing their information, because they had way to much information about themselves”
-H.S. Student, Teton County, Idaho

“It was very educational and I’m glad I saw the presentation.
-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“The presentation really got kids thinking”
-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“I thought it was very interesting and I didn’t know this stuff before”
-M.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

“The presentation really opened my eyes to what was out there. I liked the examples of real situations. Before, I had no idea what existed on the other side of the Internet”
-M.S. Student, Briarcliff Manor, NY

“I loved this presentation so much that I thought that there was no area that could be improved on. I thought that it was very effective that he used real life situations instead of made up ones….. it was a very good presentation”
-M.S Student, Braircliff Manor, N.Y.

“I really liked how he used examples from our school to show us how easy someone can access our information. I went straight home and placed my myspace on private”
-H.S. Student, Driggs I.D.

“It really shows that things like that can happen to you. It made me more aware!”
-H.S. Student, New York

“This was the best assembly we’ve ever had”
-H.S Student, Danbury, CT

“It was great, he was VERY informative and I am VERY aware about the Internet! Thanks”
-H.S. Student, Briarcliff, NY

“Excellent presentation, it was amazing, the guy was funny and informative”
-H.S. Student, NY

“This Presentation was very informative and on the students level”
-H.S. Student, Westchester County, NY

“Excellent presentation, I know a lot of people who, very carefully, bait predators for fun and lead them on”
-H.S.Student, NY

“I thought the presentation showed a great amount of examples of why you should want to be safe on the Internet. Also he gave a lot of tips on how to be aware and to only communicate with friends you can identify and personally know”
-M.S. Student, Pawling, NY

“I actually liked it. I thought it was going to be stupid and the same things I’ve heard a million times, but I really enjoyed it and I’m going to change my facebook…I THINK IT REALLY OPENED UP A LOT OF KIDS EYES”
-M.S. Student, Dutchess County, NY

“You are a very good speaker and really got the attention of me and my friends. I would recommend this to other people and will spread the words you have said- Thanks for making us aware!”
-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NJ

“He did an amazing job. I am disturbed, but in a good way, it was really impactful”
-H.S. Student, NY

“I thought the presentation was very interesting and made me think more about Internet Safety, It was excellent and I would recommend it to other schools and kids”
-H.S. Student, St Peters Prep, Jersey City, NY

“I can’t think of any way to improve it, this was the best Internet assembly I’ve ever seen”
-H.S. Student, NJ

“It was excellent, a very good idea about checking over the contact/friends list, I’m now going to delete the few people I have that I don’t really know”
-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NY

“This was a perfect presentation, don’t change it, it was very informative with detailed and helpful information- thanks for opening my eyes”
-H.S. Student, Jersey City, NY