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A Law Enforcement Public Speakers Bureau

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About Us

Formed in 2007, our business is made up of Law Enforcement professionals dedicated to educating and protecting today's young people and their parents, from threats posed by internet usage and drug involvement. We provide Internet Awareness and Drug Awareness presentations to Schools, Businesses and Civic organizations. We also offer Realtor Safety seminars to Real Estate offices, organizations or associations.

Internet Safety Seminars

Understand potential life threatening scenarios: If you think you or your child is safe, think again. Understand "Social Networking": Innocent behaviors that predators utilize to plan the perfect ambush.

internet safety awareness

This Presentation is geared toward High School and Middle School Students who frequent Social Networking sites.

Internet Awareness for Parents

This Presentation is geared toward the parents or guardians of young people who utilize social networking sites.

Realtor Safety

This Presentation is geared toward Real Estate Professional's personal safety and awareness.

Drug Awareness

This Presentation is offered at the High School and College level for students and parents.


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